Q: Can I get a printed catalog, price list, or open a wholesale account?
A: Yes, we do have a printed catalog and current price list that we can send to you (we do not post our prices online). To receive a printed catalog and current pricing, or to open a wholesale account, we require a copy of your resale license or tax-exemption certificate. Please email us with an attached copy and we would be happy to send you your requested items or to help you open up an account.

Q: What are your minimums and how are your items priced?
A: Our minimum is $100. All items are priced each (unless otherwise stated) and have minimum order quantities.

Q: If I want to buy more than the minimum quantity of an item, does it have to be in specific increments?
A: No. You can order any quantity of a particular item, as long as you meet the minimum.

Q: Are there any available discounts?
A: We offer discounts based upon the total dollar amount of orders. To inquire about our specific discount tiers, please call us.

Q: I am a customer and have a retail website, can I get unwatermarked images of your products?
A: If you would like unwatermarked images, please send us an email with the item numbers of your requested images. All images are copyright of Huang Acrylic and cannot be altered except resizing and cropping. We maintain the right to revoke limited-use licenses at any time.

Q: When I place my order can I get a total including freight?
A: Since actual freight charges are not calculated until your order is packed and ready to ship, we cannot provide you the freight charges at the time you place the order. We do this to ensure that our customers are not overcharged for shipping. Please note that as of 2015, UPS and FedEx have begun calculating shipping costs based upon box dimensions in addition to actual weight. This has caused an increase in our shipping costs, and has also affected the shipping costs of items that are lightweight but large and bulky.

Q: What’s your normal turnaround time for shipping?
A: All of our orders come on a first-come-first-serve basis. Our normal turnaround time is between 3-5 business days. Slight delays may occur during holidays and trade shows.

Q: Do you do custom orders?
A: Yes, depending on the design. However, minimum quantities and a 6-8 week lead time will apply. Please contact us for additional details.

Q: Do you drop ship?
A: Yes. However each drop ship will incur a surcharge of $5 per shipping box. All minimums still apply.

Q: Are your products BPA-free?
A: Yes, all of our products are 100% BPA-free

Q: What is acrylic?
A: Acrylic is a generic term to refer to the transparent thermoplastic polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA). It is often used interchangeably with the trademarked terms Plexiglas® and Lucite®. One of the main advantages of acrylic is its remarkable transparency, which actually transmits more light than glass. Furthermore, it is more shatter resistant and lighter than glass. Another advantage of acrylic products is that they are completely BPA-free, unlike some other plastics such as polycarbonate.

In recent years, many manufacturers and retailers have begun to use the term acrylic as a generic catch-all for all clear plastics. Unfortunately, this has led to much confusion and deception in the marketplace, where inferior and less expensive plastics (such as SAN, poly-styrene, mono-styrene, and others) are being labeled and sold as acrylic. While these other materials have their own positive characteristics, none of them can claim the same optical clarity, feel, and longevity of acrylic.

Here at Huang Acrylic, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest quality in material and manufacturing. While many others have tried to lower costs with inferior materials, we have kept the integrity of our products while still maintaining competitive prices.

Q: Are your products engravable? Do you engrave?
A: Yes, our products are engravable. One of the advantages of acrylic over other plastics is that it can withstand all major methods of engraving. 

Q: Are your products dishwasher safe?
A: We recommend hand washing for all of our products unless otherwise stated. Temperature settings vary between dishwashers, and as such we cannot guarantee that our acrylic will withstand the wash cycle without adverse affects such as stress fracturing. Although it has many superior qualities, acrylic (PMMA) is inherently less heat resistant than some other plastics. Therefore, be wary with other suppliers claiming to sell 100% dishwasher-safe acrylic, as these products may not be actual acrylic.

Q: Do you sell directly to consumers?
A: No. We do not sell directly to end users and we do not sell on sites like Amazon or eBay.