About Us

In 1976, Rick and Ruth Huang each brought a suitcase full of their belongings and boarded a DC-8 in Taipei. Focused on their final destination in America, they would first need to make stops in Hong Kong and Honolulu. With little more to their name than the suitcases which bore them, they eventually settled in Dallas, Texas. While Rick worked his days as a busboy in a local Chinese restaurant and Ruth as an administrative assistant at Southwestern Medical School, they both spent their evenings starting a business that would eventually become Huang Acrylic in 1978.

Over the years, their guiding principle of the company has always remained firm, whether making deliveries out of their Ford Pinto or shipping containers full of product: to be a blessing to customers, vendors, employees, and the local community. The continued success of Huang Acrylic hinges on this guiding principle and the grace of God. They would like to thank you, their customers, for your support over the years and hope that Huang Acrylic can serve your needs for many years to come.